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6. 5. 2009

Planting potatoes

It´s happening every year since I was child, but I haven´t enjoyed it more than yesterday. I came back from my trip to Denmark and haven´t heart anything from my mum all 3 wee ks. First thing I could hear was: Do you have time? We are going to plant potatoes! Of course I have and I look forward to it. As I´m always somewhere on the road away from my home, I´m starting enjoying this “everyday life things” more and more. Last year I helped my mum to put potatoes into the ground just with hoe and it was admirable that my mum managed to plant potatoes on her own. This year it was easier because we got helpers from family, they came with plough on the trailor behind the car and used the tractor from our backyard. Whoever saw or tried this method of planting potatoes will always be happy to be able to do it this very easy and fast way compare digging the raws and putting every single potatoes into the ground by the hands. Hopefully we will get some rain soon, the ground was droughty and fissured, very hard to work on it. And to be sure that it will be rain I teared one small plant because we have saying that if you tear that flower it will be raining. But unfortunatly no rain today :_(

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