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14. 10. 2008

Autumn pictures

"The sun is shining very nice today, so i should take some pictures of Kristel, im trying to catch her last 3 days and I haven´t manage yet", morning brainstorming... It´s good she is writting her thesis in a office just 3 minutes from my flat, so we arranged the session trought sms and started slowly on the stairs of the RUC (Roskilde University Center). The sun was quite sharp at that time (it was around 12:30), so i could play a bit with the sun from behind (so called backlighting), but didnt succeeded in it, so we tried some other around the lake with different possitions and I think Kristel started to feel like a real model :D ButI was far away to feel as a pro photographer though, but I liked it too. Good thing was that I know Kristel and I know her, so it´s a bit easier for me to feel free to try anything. I think we got some nice shoots even with shadows on her face, but i wanted to take some pictures in Roskilde also, good we needed to shop there :D The sun just hid behind the cloud when we were ready, which was great for taking pictures. Of course the light from sun-setting is beautiful and soft, but still makes shadows on the face what i´m still not comfortable with. We were running around Roskilde Cathedral which is very photogenic place and try different settings. I really liked Kristel´s cap, really fit her hair and her face :)) Well, enough talking, have a look at my posted pictures, I really enjoyed them!

PS: All pictures were taken at RAW format and post-processed in program from Canon. I like natural colors, so I didn´t enhanced them too much :)

13. 10. 2008

My short history review

I think everybody who wants to do a serious work in photography world has to go trought some kind of deciding which camera to buy and which lenses will fit it. I didn´t have too much choises in my life, but that´s gonna change soon I hope.) I got my first camera into my hands when i was maybe 11 or 12 years old and it was the analog one where you have to set all up by yourself. At that time i just liked changing the setttings and pushing the bottoms and I took milion of pictures with this camera. Unfortunately i dint have a film in it. Later that camera got lost and even my interest for camera with it. But not for long. I got an other one in 2 years and also manage to purchuase some film for it, so i could take pictures but not too many. All changed with my first digital camera which i got in my 19 and i took a lot of pictures but not as many as i do nowadays. I cant even remember type of cameras only the names : FinePixel and Nikon. 99% of pictures you will see on this blog is taken with EOS Canon camera 400D which I share with my boyfriend (actually he doesnt have a chance to take any pictures because the camera is with me all the time :D ). It was a christmas present from him in 2006, which I haven´t really apreciate until now. He gave me a possibility to grow up in this way and found out that I like taking pictures and it´s a way where i would like to go now. And maybe I´ll became good at it one day :D

11. 10. 2008

The First Day

Hello! after all days i spent by thinking about my blog and how it should look and what i want to write on, i got it finally done. I would like to share my thoughts, pictures and news from my life here, so if you like then spend some time here and enjoy reading! hopefully it will be enjoyable :D
The first thing i see when i look outsite the windows these days are colors. They are everywhere. Sometimes I can see them more because of sun, sometimes they are just there without me noticing. But in autumn everything change while the trees are turning into the color factories and trying to impress everybody around. I am impressed by this annual change and like to take pictures of this. Two days ago i was running with my camera outsite and I took some pictures. Maybe it will bring a bit of sun to your gray days also..