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13. 10. 2008

My short history review

I think everybody who wants to do a serious work in photography world has to go trought some kind of deciding which camera to buy and which lenses will fit it. I didn´t have too much choises in my life, but that´s gonna change soon I hope.) I got my first camera into my hands when i was maybe 11 or 12 years old and it was the analog one where you have to set all up by yourself. At that time i just liked changing the setttings and pushing the bottoms and I took milion of pictures with this camera. Unfortunately i dint have a film in it. Later that camera got lost and even my interest for camera with it. But not for long. I got an other one in 2 years and also manage to purchuase some film for it, so i could take pictures but not too many. All changed with my first digital camera which i got in my 19 and i took a lot of pictures but not as many as i do nowadays. I cant even remember type of cameras only the names : FinePixel and Nikon. 99% of pictures you will see on this blog is taken with EOS Canon camera 400D which I share with my boyfriend (actually he doesnt have a chance to take any pictures because the camera is with me all the time :D ). It was a christmas present from him in 2006, which I haven´t really apreciate until now. He gave me a possibility to grow up in this way and found out that I like taking pictures and it´s a way where i would like to go now. And maybe I´ll became good at it one day :D

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