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17. 7. 2009


Do you like magics? Do you like mystery? Do you think there is somebody who can cut people without cutting them? :) I do and I know somebody who is not cutting people, but can do amazing trics with cards, small taws, and many other breathtaking things. He is trained by himself and all trics are made in his own head. Even his girlfriend doesnt know the secret of the trick, thats how its important to keep it not know. He asked me to take some photos for him, hope he will conjure up some nice house for me one day :D As a photographer I was pleased that he had some ideas and he knew what he wants. I was just taking pictures and had really great time. All photos were taken within 2 hours in our cultural house.





IMG_2544a (2)

He is real professional, im not kidding :)


A bit of mystery.

IMG_2603a (2)

Isn´t he cute? :)


IMG_2703       IMG_2709

This picture was the most difficult one, he had to trought at me around 100 cards before we got this shot :)


Hidding behind the cards. His eyes can hypnotize you.

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