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20. 6. 2009

Radka a Ondra Ďuricovi

IMG_9314-EditSooo, we have it here! I´ve dreamt about it so long, but now my first official wedding shooting for my schoolmate Radka and her boyfriend Ondra was here! I´ve knew both very well since I was kid so it was a pleasure to be with them at such nice day of their lifes :) Did you feel that stomag tickling anytime ? Keeping me think about arranging pictures, what to do if its raining, if if … On friday night we had small meeting with Radka and Petra and we had already good feeling about wedding. But the weather made us worried a bit, cos it was raining sooo much! We prayed for a good weather, thats all you can actually do! So unfair. Girls had still some work to do (last cosmetic adjustments) but I crawl into my bed and slept tide.

Morning was terribly raining, unbelievable! Didn´t book any atelier, so we have to take umbrelas and shoot outsite :D No problem, we talked about it and Radka was perfectly prepared for anything ! I think she knew better what to do then me in many situations :D The best time for shooting are always preparations of  the bride and even this time it was marvelous. Nervosity came aro und noon when the groom should come and whole family into their small flat. But we managed everything, people seemed to enjoy this day a lot, party was crazy and wild. Many pictures were taken and then it took one week to adjust them all to be ready to hand them out. I like some of them very much.

Good luck for you two :)



 The first look into the mirror after cosmetics adjustments :)


She is already beautiful, isnt she?


IMG_8776 IMG_8805 IMG_8848

  Hmm, evolution..? :D


All in good time, no hurry, no stress.


IMG_8943    IMG_9006 IMG_8945  IMG_8897IMG_9031

Collection from the preparation time.



 IMG_9129IMG_9176   IMG_9214

What´s the feeling of letting your daughter to other man..?


IMG_9521 IMG_9588 IMG_9615



Shooting in the rain was wonderful, better then I expected.



 IMG_9921 IMG_9623

















Haha, I like this shoot soo much when bride has to run on her own without a help :D


And group photo of her family and close persons.

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