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12. 6. 2009



Danish landscape and his shapes are something special to see, I haven´t found what is that yet, but working on it hard, studying different places in different light and spectacular light at different places. I love my home country, I can look from the bus or train all the time still wondering about wonders. Landscape in Denmark has other history, it was made mostly by glaciar started in Sweden and flattening its sourrounding. The long human impact and strong usage of natural heritage caused that you will hardly find any untouched spot and in the same time you will see how close can human get to the nature and live with it together. It´s amazing how it´s working and that it is working.

What is amazing also is the fact that now is 15.6. 0:45 and I can still see a gray sky, somewhere close to the horizont is the sun glimmering and shinning for other people. It´s time to sleep too, but before I put some pictures below, maybe somebody is actually reading this :D


Every single sunset it´s fascinating whatever will anybody tell you. Because that sunset was “yours”, you saw it and nobody else can feel the same atmosphere inside…


And the colors brought out by sunsetting sun on the clouds.. I just cant stop looking at this for the violet color.


And there is a part of the road passing you and ledding go you somewhere and you can imagine where exactly it shoul be. It´s hard to see on the picture but that green was amazingly colored, all shadows and brighter places were different.

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