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4. 6. 2009

Shooooooting :)

Hey, do you know whats new??? No? I will tell you then. Got a new camera 5D Canon and of course I had to try my first shoots as soon as possible ! I was excited to learn the bottoms and how to handle with this huuuuge camera body. My hands are so small for this and I barely reach all around for bottoms, especially the one in the middle :/ But I have time to shoot now, train and look forward to see pictures from 12,9 Mb pixels chip. I know I know, there is already better one, but who wants to spent such money to get it. Im pretty happy about the older version and I look forward to share some pictures with you. Hope you will enjoy it as I did !

First shots were done around Korallen, collegium of RUC where I stay with my boyfriend Anders while I am in Denmark. Its nothing really special around here, but if you´r lucky you might get some nice shots :) flowers, herbs, rainbow, swans, etc. Hope something will intersted you.










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