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4. 11. 2008

Kids and pictures

Last few days i didnt have too much time to write something here and I missed it. When I was a little girl I was writting my diary mostly to open my heart to it, but during the time I was writting also because I liked it. When I grew out suddenly I didnt have enough time to write anymore. But Im not going to tell you about my childhood, but this topic remind me about kids sorrounding me and how they like to be photographed. I have really close to kids because I was superinted a small group of kids and still Im in touch with them and I like their smiles and laughing. So I decided to put some of my kid´s pictures here just because they bring a cosy feeling into my heart. Pictures below are from the mountain trip where we spent 4 wonderful days full of games and fights against dark knight. Try guess what won - good or dark site...?

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